Quadrophonical Concert: Matt Didemus, M.Verbos

Mark Verbos (Verbos Electronics/ Bunker Records) and Matt Didemus (Junior Boys, DIVA, NYX) at Superbooth. 

Mark Verbos is a venerable electronic  music renaissance man: a synthesizer designer, producer, engineer and dj. Involved in the midwest US techno scene since its inception, he has released  on labels such as Djax Up Beats and Bunker records. In addition, his role as one of the worlds foremost Buchla experts led to him founding Verbos Electronics,  a platform which reimagines West Coast synthesis from a unique optic for modern applications. 


One half of influential electronic techno-pop duo Junior Boys, Didemus has in recent years  also released a series of critically acclaimed EPs  with solo project DIVA and as NYX with Iron Galaxy’s Adam Hodgins.


Utilizing a combination of modern and vintage technologies, the duo will perform together for the first time in in true quadraphony in the Konzertsaal 1.